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Dear Mr. Gao,


I highly appreciate meeting you, already realized that you`ve done an excellent job in brand and retail but in my opinion regarding EU online sales -> see my URL Statement above and my analysis regarding market shares and potentials.

to perform: Just take my 71st Approach into account:


Key Questions:

  1. Does the Customer (really) care?

    • Market Size & Revenue Potential

  2. Do we care? 

    • Business Value, ‚Revenue Prognosis / Vision `25‘

  3. Can we beat the competition?

    • Competitors & Unique Selling Proposition

  4. Can we do it?

    • Key Player, Organisation, Invests, Roadmaps

Key Answers in addition to the above:

  • Totally customer focussed visibility (#5)!

  • Customer journey based smart pricing (#6)!

  • Conversional excellence (#7)!


Final question: Are you ready?! We are (see detailed charts)! 

If so, do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Bureau PFH - Private University of Goettingen
Tel: +49(0)1702447035  |
Bureau German Institute of
Digital Performance Marketing
Tel: +49(0)1702447035  |
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